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Light posting for the next few days. Possibly gibberish after that.

Today marks the end of the first week of The Self-Pay Patient! I created the blog to be a resource for the uninsured and those with high-deductible health insurance plans, as well as others who find themselves in the position … Continue reading

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The Self-Pay Patient takes his own medicine – adventures in pharmacy prices

So I’m having surgery tomorrow. Nothing terribly serious, just several outpatient procedures on the throat and nose area to deal with sleep apnea, snoring, and related issues. At the pre-op interview at my surgeon’s office, they gave me several prescriptions … Continue reading

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Medical tourism satire reveals important lessons for uninsured/self-pay patients

Freelance writer Justin Matis had what was mostly intended (I think) as a satirical piece in Slate on the subject of medical tourism and getting major medical needs met as an uninsured American. Satire or not, though, for self-pay patients his article does raise some important … Continue reading

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Nevada medical discount plan benefits uninsured, self-pay patients

Most options for the uninsured self-pay patient involve going out on their own and finding healthcare providers willing and able to treat them fairly and give them a real price. While there are a multitude of tools that can help … Continue reading

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Delay in Obamacare limits may lead to more insured being self-pay when it comes to prescription drugs

The news yesterday that limits on out-of-pocket expenses for the insured under Obamacare will be delayed until 2014 may leave more people in the same boat as the uninsured when it comes to buying prescription drugs. As the New York Times reports: … Continue reading

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Free-standing emergency rooms – any advantage for self-pay patients?

The past two decades have seen a proliferation of innovative health care providers that have made either made health care more accessible, more affordable, or more effective – in some cases all three! Examples of this include ‘convenient care clinics’ … Continue reading

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Health Care Sharing Ministries – an alternative to Obamacare insurance?

A little-known alternative to traditional health insurance may be ready to step into the limelight. Health care sharing ministries, which have been around for nearly three decades, aren’t actually insurance but they can fill the same role as insurance for many … Continue reading

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Electronic health records mandate and self-pay patients

A reader of The Self-Pay Patient asked whether, as a self-pay patient, their private medical records would be available to the government or insurance companies as a result of the electronic health records mandate contained in Obamacare. I’ve looked around a little and … Continue reading

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Life insurance as an alternative to health insurance?

A few weeks ago a column appeared at discussing an innovative form of life insurance that could be a much more affordable substitute for traditional health insurance. For the uninsured who would like to have some way to pay … Continue reading

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