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The Health Co-Op – bundling self-pay services for health sharing ministry

Earlier this month I wrote about Connect2Docs, a company that has bundled telemedicine, health screening, bill negotiation, and a drug discount card into one package, which offers great value to self-pay patients, particularly the uninsured but also those with high-deductible … Continue reading

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Saving on drug costs with pharmacy discount cards

Buying generic drugs to save on prescription drug costs can result in big savings. But sometimes there are no generics available, or the generics that are available don’t work. In other cases, the medicine that your doctor prescribes isn’t on the insurer’s … Continue reading

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Medical tourist pays $9,000 for shoulder repair, saves more than $120,000

One of the biggest challenges for self-pay patients who are uninsured is paying for very expensive treatments and procedures that can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This month’s issue of Medical Tourism Magazine reports on how one self-pay … Continue reading

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How to save money as a self-pay patient in the emergency room

Self-pay patients can, with a little advanced planning and conscious effort, wind up saving a lot of money. Whether it’s finding a cash-only doctor, visiting hospitals and surgical facilities in the U.S. that offer up-front and real prices, signing up for a telemedicine service, using generics and … Continue reading

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Health sharing ministries growing in popularity as Obamacare implementation approaches

I’ve mentioned in the past that health sharing ministries can be attractive options for many uninsured self-pay patients looking for alternatives to standard health insurance plans. A recent article in the Christian Post suggests they may be growing in popularity, and Obamacare might be … Continue reading

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Hospital bills student $2,000 for lab test, insurer pays $375

I’ve written about so-called ‘chargemaster’ pricing from hospitals before, and how it typically hits the self-pay uninsured the hardest. People with high-deductible health insurance can also be victimized by ‘chargemaster’ policies, as this family found out when trying to find a facility … Continue reading

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Connect2Docs ‘bundling’ of services for self-pay patients = big savings

The Self-Pay Patient has been up and running for about six weeks at this point, and I’ve probably brought to readers’ attention dozens of different providers, companies, facilities, organizations, programs, and web sites that can help the uninsured or those with high-deductible health insurance to save money … Continue reading

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To buy or not to buy Obamacare insurance – a handy calculator

The Obamacare exchanges open up on October 1, or at least that’s the plan – technical glitches could always delay the opening for a few days or even weeks, but it seems almost certain they will open in October. Once … Continue reading

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Medical inflation slows because of self-pay healthcare?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article today about the recent slowdown in medical inflation, with the cost of healthcare rising more slowly in recent years than in the past. Of interest to readers here is that the article cites several … Continue reading

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Critical illness insurance as a substitute for ‘comprehensive’ health insurance

I’ve probably mentioned critical illness policies half a dozen times as potential substitutes for high-priced ‘comprehensive’ health insurance, but I haven’t actually gotten around to explaining what they are and how they can be of benefit to self-pay patients (and of course, what their … Continue reading

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