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Save On Medical web site offers real, transparent pricing for self-pay radiology patients

One of the more exciting things to watch in the self-pay healthcare market is the growth of new firms seeking to fill the needs of the uninsured, or those with high-deductible health insurance. Today I ran across a web site … Continue reading

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Paying cash to protect patient privacy – it’s not quite that simple

One of the very first questions I received from a reader of The Self-Pay Patient dealt with electronic medical records and patient privacy, which I addressed here: Electronic health records mandate and self-pay patients. The issue has cropped up again recent … Continue reading

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Arizona hospital offers package pricing to self-pay patients

One of the more aggravating factors about hospital care and billing is that they typically do not offer what is commonly called ‘package’ pricing, instead providing only billing statements that can run towards hundreds of individual line items, usually at wildly … Continue reading

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Michigan man misled into believing he needs health insurance to get healthcare?

Today I read an article in the Washington Post that left me genuinely angry about the way too many people talk and think about healthcare in this country, and the false messages that people too often receive about how they can or … Continue reading

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Choosing Wisely – suggestions for getting the right healthcare

Being a self-pay patient is about more than just finding a doctor, hospital, or other medical provider that will give you a real price instead of some inflated price that nobody but the uninsured pay. It’s also about getting the … Continue reading

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For less than many insurance co-pays, this doctor in Austin Texas will see you

Dr. Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma tweeted yesterday about the Austin Med Clinic, a cash-only doctor’s office in Austin, Texas: The ‘unbelievable’ prices that Dr. Crump offers are pretty simple – $30 for a single condition or medical issue, … Continue reading

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Phone and online apps that help manage prescription drugs

I’ve written in the past on how to save money on prescription drugs, something that can be very important not only for the uninsured self-pay patient but also for those with high-deductible health insurance or even ‘comprehensive’ plans (especially since there … Continue reading

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Medicare patients surprised to end up as self-pay

I haven’t written about Medicare beneficiaries as self-pay patients yet, although it’s certainly been on my list of topics to address. Most people don’t think of Medicare recipients as self-pay patients, assuming that the program covers all or at least … Continue reading

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Thyroid cancer specialist talks about being cash-only

Cancer treatment can easily be one of the most expensive medical bills that anyone will ever be hit with. And unfortunately, while there are numerous options for self-pay patients seeking primary care, when it comes to cancer treatment the options … Continue reading

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Saving on prescription drug costs

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience shopping for and trying to save money on prescription drugs in advance of my own surgery. As I mentioned, I used the prescription drug price comparison tool as well as calling my local Costco pharmacy. … Continue reading

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