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Short-term health insurance, a low-cost alternative to Obamacare

Two weeks into the opening of the Obamacare exchanges, some prospective customers are finding that the premiums they are being asked to pay are more than they’d anticipated or hoped for. A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News titled ‘Obamacare’s … Continue reading

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Medulous web site a resource for medical information, treatment options

Finding good, easily understandable information about medical conditions and treatment options can be a bit of a challenge for patients, whether they’re a self-pay patient or not. But having access to good information is especially important for self-pay patients who … Continue reading

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Medical loans and credit cards – New York Times reports on the downside

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post on medical loans, explaining how they can help to fill financing gaps for self-pay patients. I noted that ‘Having to borrow money to pay for needed care probably isn’t the first option most … Continue reading

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One family’s experience with a health sharing ministry

I’ve written several times about health sharing ministries, which are voluntary associations of Christians that agree to share each other’s medical bills. Ministries function similar to insurance, but they aren’t regulated the way insurance companies are and they don’t have to … Continue reading

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Tips on saving money when paying for health care

A few weeks ago I ran across an article in Woman’s Day titled ‘22 Ways to Save on Health Care’ that I thought would be helpful to self-pay patients, including not only those who are uninsured but also anybody with … Continue reading

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A few days ago I found, a relatively new online service that allows people to find the cost of a visit to a doctor, retail health clinic, or other provider near them, as well as the prices of procedures they … Continue reading

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ABC News reports on medical tourism

Last week ABC News had a feature on medical tourism. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, it simply means travelling away from your home area to have a procedure performed, usually done for cost reasons but sometimes … Continue reading

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NeedyMeds, a one-stop source for prescription drug savings

Saving money on prescription drugs is important to everyone, but especially self-pay patients who don’t have coverage for their medicines or who have high deductibles. I’ve mentioned a couple of options in the past, including the $4 generic drugs programs offered by most major … Continue reading

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What are Obamcare enrollee Chad Henderson’s options as a self-pay patient?

Last week was the opening of the Obamcare exchanges, and not surprisingly there was a lot of media coverage surrounding it. One story that caught my attention was the media coverage of Chad Henderson of Georgia, a 21-year old part-time college student … Continue reading

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Fundraising for medical expenses – an option for self-pay patients, but not the best

One of the things I’ve had to clarify for a few people who have asked me about my blog and my upcoming book is that I’m not opposed to people having some form of insurance or insurance-like coverage to cover … Continue reading

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