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When price transparency is useless (or worse)

Price transparency is a major concern to self-pay patients. Without knowing ahead of time what a provider charges for a particular service, there is no reasonable way to shop for care and make sure you are getting the best value … Continue reading

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Healthcare apps can benefit self-pay patients

One of the developments in modern medicine that has a great deal of potential for self-pay patients (as well as anyone else) is the creation of patient-oriented medical apps for mobile phones and tablets. For people who are paying directly … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from The Self-Pay Patient blog!

It’s Christmas week, and so in the next several days I’ll be travelling, resting, attempting to assemble toys for a 3-year old boy, hiding from in-laws, and doing all the normal things that you might expect of someone this time … Continue reading

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Interest in medical tourism continues to grow

There seems to be a growing interest in travelling domestically or internationally to find affordable medical treatment, at least judging by the fact that I see this topic featured in the news more frequently than before. For self-pay patients looking … Continue reading

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Two Gall Bladders, a Paradigm, and a Sharing Ministry

Guest post: Thad Puckett, The Health Co-Op* What A Difference A Share Makes – How Insurance Fails Most of us are convinced that if not for insurance we would all be dead tomorrow. Politicians have been telling us that for … Continue reading

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Direct primary care practices – why are they so much less expensive?

I realize I spend a lot of time here explaining the who, the what, the where, and the how of getting affordable health care as a self-pay patient,  describing things like telemedicine providers, pharmaceutical discount cards, health care sharing ministries, … Continue reading

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The Self-Pay Patient book is out on Kindle!

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the past that I’ve written a book titled The Self-Pay Patient, scheduled to be released soon. Well, soon was yesterday, at least if you have a Kindle or a program that lets you … Continue reading

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Make that FIVE sharing ministries…

I’ve mentioned and explained health care sharing ministries several times in the past, and when I discuss alternatives to conventional health insurance they are usually the first thing I mention. To summarize the key benefits of these voluntary organizations of … Continue reading

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Doctor on Demand offers new telemedicine service

I’ve written in the past about telemedicine companies like DocDial,* Connect2Docs,* and AmericanWell, which allow patients to connect with a doctor by calling, e-mailing, or connecting via a video hookup. These companies and others can be great options for self-pay … Continue reading

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