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Ambulance service and self-pay patients

I’m generally of the opinion that most health care can be shopped for if a person is willing to put in a little time to use the available tools. As I try to bring to my readers’ attention on a … Continue reading

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Affordable dental care in Los Angeles from

It seems like dental care is often forgot about when it comes to health care. I’ve been fortunate myself not to need anything other than braces and a few cavities filled during my teen years, but I’ve known others who … Continue reading

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Direct primary care practice comes to Tennessee

One of the trends I’ve seen over the last several years is more and more doctors abandoning insurance and the third-party payer system in favor of direct payment by patients. For self-pay patients, finding doctors who only take direct payment … Continue reading

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Karis Group’s bill negotiation service saves cancer patient $1 million

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, talk, and exchange e-mails with a number of people at some great companies and organizations that help self-pay patients obtain affordable care. One of these that stands out is The Karis Group, founded by … Continue reading

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More options for self-pay patients in Oklahoma

Looking across the country at all of the many options for self-pay patients seeking affordable healthcare, I occasionally see areas where there seems to be an awful lot of activity among providers and entrepreneurs seeking to meet the needs of … Continue reading

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Medical discount cards can give ‘network’ rates to self-pay patients, but beware

A reader recently wrote in to ask whether discount cards exist for medical providers similar to the prescription drug discount cards that I’ve written about before. The answer is yes, they do, and they can save self-pay patients a lot of money. … Continue reading

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How to Opt Out of Obamacare

December has arrived, and the deadline to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare, of course) that will be effective January 1 is looming large. Recent press accounts suggest the online exchanges are working … Continue reading

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Cash-Only Surgical Center Featured in Orthopedics This Week

I’ve previously featured Dr. Robert Haar and Regency Healthcare, an orthopedic surgical facility in New York City that has gone cash-only. Finding primary care doctors who are friendly to self-pay patients can be enough of a challenge, and tracking down hospitals and … Continue reading

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