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Cash-friendly doctor offices continue to spread

In any given year, the overwhelming majority of American’s either won’t need to see a doctor at all, or will only need to visit a primary care provider for basic or relatively routine medical issues. Self-pay patients are no different … Continue reading

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Dealing with Obamacare’s gaps

Stories are starting to accumulate about people who have signed up for health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges (or at least thought they did) but do not actually have coverage at the moment, or at least lack an insurance card … Continue reading

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More mental health options for self-pay patients

Earlier this month I featured the issue of affordable mental health options for self-pay patients, drawn largely from two terrific blog posts over at the Clear Health Costs blog that were part of their six-part series on mental health. Since … Continue reading

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Self-pay options for immigrants (legal or illegal)

Self-pay patients are by no means a homogenous group  – some are uninsured, others have high-deductible health insurance or even more comprehensive coverage that covers most costs (so long as they stay in-network and the insurer decides covers the treatment, … Continue reading

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Alternative insurance directly challenges Obamacare coverage

I’ve written several times previously about how there are several alternatives to conventional health insurance that can provide protection against catastrophic medical expenses. These include health care sharing ministries, short-term health insurance, critical illness insurance, and fixed-benefit insurance.  For people … Continue reading

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Other helpful blogs for self-pay patients

I like to think that I’ve created a ‘one-stop source’ of information, commentary, and news that is helpful to self-pay patients, a category that includes the uninsured, those with high-deductible health insurance plans, and anybody else who finds themselves paying … Continue reading

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Several new options for prescription drug savings

Yesterday within the space of a couple of hours I had couple of different prescription drug savings web sites come to my attention, all through different channels. I took this to mean the universe wanted my next blog post to … Continue reading

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Has a new Obamacare ‘loophole’ been found? No.

Yesterday while I was traveling someone forwarded me a link to a web site claiming that there was a section of Obamacare (officially the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) that provided a complete exemption for people who don’t want … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends

Today’s blog post is a bit different, a collection of items that don’t necessarily justify a full blog post or that represent some sort of ‘housekeeping’ item that I wanted to bring to my readers’ attention. Without further ado, here … Continue reading

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GoodRx blog a handy source of news on prescription drugs

I’ve mentioned GoodRx before, a site that allows consumers to quickly find the prices charged by local pharmacies for prescription drugs. In fact, I used the site myself when I was shopping for medicines before my surgery in August. The … Continue reading

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