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Pediatricians against retail health clinics? It’s not that simple

One primary care option that can be both affordable and convenient for self-pay patients are retail health clinics such as Minute Clinic, Healthcare Clinic, and Target Clinic. These clinics typically treat a number of fairly simple illnesses and injuries, and … Continue reading

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Getting around Obamacare’s ‘open enrollment’ limits

I received an e-mail the other day from someone who is considering dropping their current coverage because of the increase in costs (he specifically used the term ‘robbery’ to describe their new premiums) and joining one of the health care … Continue reading

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A new source for drug pricing information, Prescription BlueBook

Prescription drugs are a big part of modern medicine, and they can also be expensive. For self-pay patients who need to save every dollar while getting the medicines they need, getting the best deal is crucial. As with most of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Benefits of Joining The Health Co-Op & Samaritan Ministries

Guest post by Thad Puckett of The Karis Group  Since my family and I made the decision to leave an old paradigm called health insurance for a liberating paradigm called health care sharing, it seems as if I’ve had more … Continue reading

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February notes from The Self-Pay Patient

As I mentioned in early January, this is the busy time for my other work (the kind that pays), so blogging here at The Self-Pay Patient isn’t going to be quite as frequent as in the past. I’m aiming for … Continue reading

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Parachute Health offers alternative to Obamacare coverage

I’ve noted in the past that there are a number of companies out there that are starting to directly market themselves and the products and services they offer as an option for people who can’t afford or don’t want to … Continue reading

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The Self-Pay Patient book – corrections, clarifications, & comments, Part 1 of ?

One of the problems with writing and publishing a book is that, unlike a blog, you can’t really go back and make corrections or clarify something, or add something that you realize really should have been included after the book … Continue reading

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NeedyMeds launches HEALFundr, a crowdfunding site for medical expenses

The focus of being a self-pay patient is, obviously, paying directly for your own medical care. While that usually means paying for care with personal funds, including money in a heath savings account that has been set aside for the … Continue reading

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Advice on choosing an Obamacare plan

Tens of millions of Americans are now pondering whether to purchase conventional health insurance through their employer or the Obamacare exchanges, or go without and find an alternative type of coverage (or, unwisely for most people in my opinion, go … Continue reading

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