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Another way to save on prescription drugs – buy ‘over the counter’ meds

I’ve probably written as many blog posts on how self-pay patients can save money on prescription drugs as I have on any other topic. But I ran across a video at Consumer Reports yesterday that pointed out another very simple … Continue reading

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Excellent article about medical tourism

Several months ago I had a guest blog post from Kevin Mercadante, who runs the terrific blog He wrote an article for his readers that he allowed me to repost here titled ‘What to do if you absolutely can’t … Continue reading

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Media looking for self-pay patients to interview

I don’t normally do announcements or requests through the blog, but hey, it’s my blog, so I guess if I want to I can! Anyways, I just spoke with a reporter for a major national newspaper, she is looking for … Continue reading

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March notes from The Self Pay Patient

Once again I find myself with a stack of items that aren’t necessarily worth a full blog post on their own (or at least, I don’t have the time at the moment to give them the attention they deserve in … Continue reading

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Medibid patient explains his experience

One of my favorite services for self-pay patients is Medibid, which allows doctors to bid on providing medical treatments for patients. Back in December, in a blog post on medical tourism, I included the case of Perry Hunt, a 50-year … Continue reading

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Florida hospital backs away from price transparency

A story caught my eye this morning regarding a Florida hospital that had at one point promised to post the prices they charged insurance companies online, but is now backing away from that decision. For self-pay patients, of course, getting … Continue reading

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Growing bureaucracy in American medicine

The other day I gave an interview to a reporter in New York on the subject of cash-only doctors. One of the topics that came up was what might drive any growth in the number of doctors choosing to abandon … Continue reading

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Media catching on to growth and popularity of sharing ministries

I’ve seen a couple of stories in the past few days suggesting that the media is becoming aware of health care sharing ministries as an alternative to conventional health insurance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody familiar with … Continue reading

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Regular updates & commentary on The Self-Pay Patient Facebook page

As regular readers have noticed, it’s getting tough for me to get out daily blog posts – business and parental duties have reduced my time available to blog to about 2-3 times a week. Fortunately those of you needing a … Continue reading

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