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Medical bill negotiators in the spotlight on ABC News

The other night Michelle Katz was on ABC News describing how a family that had been hit with a $50,000 bill for what seems to have been a normal c-section birth was able to use a medical bill negotiator to … Continue reading

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Health sharing ministry members refute critics

Last week I wrote about the fine article in the Washington Post featuring people who had decided to opt-out of Obamacare, with a focus on those who had joined health sharing ministries. I also noted that many of the comments … Continue reading

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Washington Post features Americans opting out of Obamacare

Nearly two and a half months ago, I posted here that a reporter had contacted me and was looking for people to interview who had chosen to opt out of Obamacare. Several dozen of you responded, and I was able … Continue reading

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OkCopay brings prices, deals to self-pay patients

Options for self-pay patients continue to grow, and today I wanted to briefly describe one that that could be a great resource for anybody who is paying directly for non-primary, non-urgent health care, whether they’re uninsured, have a high-deductible plan, … Continue reading

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