Self-Pay Patient book event in Chicago

I put it out on The Self-Pay Patient Facebook and Twitter feeds before, but haven’t yet announced here on the blog that The Heartland Institute will be hosting me for a book event next week Wednesday, August 6 in downtown Chicago. The event starts at 11:30am with a lunch, and I’ll be speaking and answering questions starting at around 12:20 or so. Things should wrap up by 1:30.

I’m looking forward to this event, especially since my first introduction to some of the self-pay patient options that I write about in my book and here happened while I was at Heartland. If you’re in the Chicago area on August 6, I hope you can come by!

Further event details, including how to register to attend, are here: Sean Parnell and The Self-Pay Patient, hosted by The Heartland Institute

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  1. Thanks for providing a book with such actionable information. The free market thanks you!

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