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Diabetic self-pay patient describes his experience

The Federalist is a web site that I’ve occasionally written for on health care matters, and it has featured from time to time other people describing their self-pay experiences. Today Scott Erlich, who is president of a consulting firm focused … Continue reading

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Medical Cost Sharing, Inc. – buyer beware?

I posted the other day that there were two new* health care sharing ministries that had recently come to my attention. The first, Solidarity HealthShare, As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of the sharing ministry concept (and am … Continue reading

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A new Catholic sharing ministry

Readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of health care sharing ministries as an alternative to conventional health insurance. If you aren’t familiar with sharing ministries, the concept is fairly straightforward. They are voluntary associations … Continue reading

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‘The Wedge’ – a new tool for finding cash-only doctors

As I have mentioned in the past, the number-one question I get is “Where can I find a cash-only or cash-friendly doctor?” In the past I’ve pointed readers to two sites that provide directories of practices that are aimed at … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Functional Medicine, an insurance-free practice in Tennessee

Self-pay patients in the area south of Nashville, Tennessee have what looks to be at least one terrific option when they need a doctor’s office prepared to cater to their needs. Sanctuary Functional Medicine, founded by Dr. Eric Potter, has … Continue reading

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Cash-Only Pharmacy Offers Savings on Medicines

I’m pleased to introduce another member of the Self-Pay Patient team, Yana Krinker! Yana is a DC-area resident who works at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and who has an interest in self-pay healthcare and health economics. She will … Continue reading

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More Cash-Friendly Medical Practices

I continue to get people asking me “where can I find a doctor or other medical provider that treats self-pay patients fairly,” by which they mean will offer them an honest, straightforward price to patients. Fortunately I also continue to … Continue reading

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Reporter Looking for People With Unexpected Medical Bills

I’ve been contacted by a reporter looking for anybody who would like to share their story regarding unexpected medical bills, primarily those of insured individuals who wind up getting an “out of network” provider and the resulting inflated bill. If … Continue reading

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More Self-Pay Practices – June 2015

I’ve had several doctor’s offices and other medical providers who cater to self-pay patients reach out to me in recent weeks, wanting me to pass along their information. Finding a cash-only or at least cash-friendly doctor is probably the biggest … Continue reading

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Insured but not letting the doctor know?

I’ve been incredibly negligent in posting here the past several months, hopefully getting down to one job will allow me to post here more frequently (and yes, I’ve said things like that before). Today I wanted to address something I’ve … Continue reading

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