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Medical discount cards can give ‘network’ rates to self-pay patients, but beware

A reader recently wrote in to ask whether discount cards exist for medical providers similar to the prescription drug discount cards that I’ve written about before. The answer is yes, they do, and they can save self-pay patients a lot of money. … Continue reading

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The Health Co-Op – bundling self-pay services for health sharing ministry

Earlier this month I wrote about Connect2Docs, a company that has bundled telemedicine, health screening, bill negotiation, and a drug discount card into one package, which offers great value to self-pay patients, particularly the uninsured but also those with high-deductible … Continue reading

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Saving on drug costs with pharmacy discount cards

Buying generic drugs to save on prescription drug costs can result in big savings. But sometimes there are no generics available, or the generics that are available don’t work. In other cases, the medicine that your doctor prescribes isn’t on the insurer’s … Continue reading

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Nevada medical discount plan benefits uninsured, self-pay patients

Most options for the uninsured self-pay patient involve going out on their own and finding healthcare providers willing and able to treat them fairly and give them a real price. While there are a multitude of tools that can help … Continue reading

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