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St. Jude, a self-pay option for substance abuse treatment

The following is a guest post by Michelle Dunbar, Executive Director at Saint Jude Retreats, an alternative to traditional substance use treatment that that I thought may be of interest to readers at The Self-Pay Patient blog. St. Jude Retreats … Continue reading

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More mental health options for self-pay patients

Earlier this month I featured the issue of affordable mental health options for self-pay patients, drawn largely from two terrific blog posts over at the Clear Health Costs blog that were part of their six-part series on mental health. Since … Continue reading

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Mental health treatment and the self-pay patient

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, one of the issues I haven’t gotten around to addressing here has been mental health care and how self-pay patients can get the most for their health care dollars. I cover … Continue reading

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Do you need health insurance? Yes, sort of.

Last week the blog Political Calculations had a provocative post titled “Do you even need health insurance?” It included a calculator that allows individuals to assess the likelihood of needing hospital care at each age, which is the purpose of health insurance … Continue reading

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