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Kiplinger’s reports on self-pay health care

Last night I read an article in Kiplinger’s reporting on the growing trend of people who are opting out of third-party medicine and simply paying directly for their care. Kiplinger’s, for those of you unfamiliar with the publication, bills itself … Continue reading

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Symbiosis Health brings transparency to self-pay prices

I recently learned about a new company bringing price transparency and discount pricing to self-pay patients who need imaging, labs, and a few other services. This is extremely important not just for uninsured self-pay patients but also for those with … Continue reading

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OkCopay brings prices, deals to self-pay patients

Options for self-pay patients continue to grow, and today I wanted to briefly describe one that that could be a great resource for anybody who is paying directly for non-primary, non-urgent health care, whether they’re uninsured, have a high-deductible plan, … Continue reading

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April notes from the Self-Pay Patient

It’s been a bit since I last posted – last Friday, in fact. I’d hoped to do more this week, but had to go to Oregon to visit my father, who was in the hospital. He’s reasonably well now, but … Continue reading

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Surgery Center Network offers low-cost surgery options

I have known for a while about the Surgery Center Network, a web site that connects self-pay patients (as well as some third-party payers such as employers and even a couple of insurance companies) with ambulatory surgical centers, which are … Continue reading

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Ocean Surgery Center offers cash prices on the West Coast

I’ve written about and mentioned on several occasions two surgical facilities that offer cash prices for self-pay patients, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Regency Healthcare in New York City. These are places that offer up-front, all-inclusive prices for routine … Continue reading

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Medibid patient explains his experience

One of my favorite services for self-pay patients is Medibid, which allows doctors to bid on providing medical treatments for patients. Back in December, in a blog post on medical tourism, I included the case of Perry Hunt, a 50-year … Continue reading

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Florida hospital backs away from price transparency

A story caught my eye this morning regarding a Florida hospital that had at one point promised to post the prices they charged insurance companies online, but is now backing away from that decision. For self-pay patients, of course, getting … Continue reading

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A new source for drug pricing information, Prescription BlueBook

Prescription drugs are a big part of modern medicine, and they can also be expensive. For self-pay patients who need to save every dollar while getting the medicines they need, getting the best deal is crucial. As with most of … Continue reading

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Cash-friendly doctor offices continue to spread

In any given year, the overwhelming majority of American’s either won’t need to see a doctor at all, or will only need to visit a primary care provider for basic or relatively routine medical issues. Self-pay patients are no different … Continue reading

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