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Healthcare apps can benefit self-pay patients

One of the developments in modern medicine that has a great deal of potential for self-pay patients (as well as anyone else) is the creation of patient-oriented medical apps for mobile phones and tablets. For people who are paying directly … Continue reading

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Paying cash to protect patient privacy – it’s not quite that simple

One of the very first questions I received from a reader of The Self-Pay Patient dealt with electronic medical records and patient privacy, which I addressed here: Electronic health records mandate and self-pay patients. The issue has cropped up again recent … Continue reading

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Phone and online apps that help manage prescription drugs

I’ve written in the past on how to save money on prescription drugs, something that can be very important not only for the uninsured self-pay patient but also for those with high-deductible health insurance or even ‘comprehensive’ plans (especially since there … Continue reading

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