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PricingHealthcare.com brings price transparency options to hospital care

Yesterday’s post about the challenges self-pay patients face in finding a cash-only or at least cash-friendly primary care doctor addressed a pretty common problem that the uninsured often face. One thing that I forgot to mention was telemedicine. Several companies including DocDial,* Connect2Docs,* 247DocRx,* American Well, … Continue reading

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Obamacare delivers some good news for self-pay patients

It’s been hard to find good news about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare) of late. But there is one thing that not a lot of people are familiar with that has the potential … Continue reading

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Pay attention to your hospital bills!

Earlier this week I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about fraudulent charges for anesthesiology services at the Sutter Health hospital chain in California, which drives home a point I’ve made before about the need for self-pay patients to pay … Continue reading

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Hospital bills student $2,000 for lab test, insurer pays $375

I’ve written about so-called ‘chargemaster’ pricing from hospitals before, and how it typically hits the self-pay uninsured the hardest. People with high-deductible health insurance can also be victimized by ‘chargemaster’ policies, as this family found out when trying to find a facility … Continue reading

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Save On Medical web site offers real, transparent pricing for self-pay radiology patients

One of the more exciting things to watch in the self-pay healthcare market is the growth of new firms seeking to fill the needs of the uninsured, or those with high-deductible health insurance. Today I ran across a web site … Continue reading

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Fixed-benefit insurance policies an alternative to ‘comprehensive’ insurance

Today the Wall Street Journal has a fascinating op-ed piece titled ‘The Man Who Was Treated for $17,000 less,’ written by Dr. Jeffrey Singer of Arizona. The story resembles many that I’ve written about here, with unsuspecting self-pay patients potentially … Continue reading

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Medical tourism satire reveals important lessons for uninsured/self-pay patients

Freelance writer Justin Matis had what was mostly intended (I think) as a satirical piece in Slate on the subject of medical tourism and getting major medical needs met as an uninsured American. Satire or not, though, for self-pay patients his article does raise some important … Continue reading

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