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Has a new Obamacare ‘loophole’ been found? No.

Yesterday while I was traveling someone forwarded me a link to a web site claiming that there was a section of Obamacare (officially the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) that provided a complete exemption for people who don’t want … Continue reading

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Two Gall Bladders, a Paradigm, and a Sharing Ministry

Guest post: Thad Puckett, The Health Co-Op* What A Difference A Share Makes – How Insurance Fails Most of us are convinced that if not for insurance we would all be dead tomorrow. Politicians have been telling us that for … Continue reading

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How to Opt Out of Obamacare

December has arrived, and the deadline to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare, of course) that will be effective January 1 is looming large. Recent press accounts suggest the online exchanges are working … Continue reading

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Liberty HealthShare: a health sharing ‘ministry’ for all faiths (or no faith at all)!

I’ve discussed healthcare sharing ministries several times since launching The Self-Pay Patient blog. Their benefits of joining are pretty simple to understand – they generally cost far less than conventional health insurance, they provide coverage for medical expenses that is fairly comprehensive … Continue reading

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One family’s experience with a health sharing ministry

I’ve written several times about health sharing ministries, which are voluntary associations of Christians that agree to share each other’s medical bills. Ministries function similar to insurance, but they aren’t regulated the way insurance companies are and they don’t have to … Continue reading

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