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Medical bill negotiators in the spotlight on ABC News

The other night Michelle Katz was on ABC News describing how a family that had been hit with a $50,000 bill for what seems to have been a normal c-section birth was able to use a medical bill negotiator to … Continue reading

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April notes from the Self-Pay Patient

It’s been a bit since I last posted – last Friday, in fact. I’d hoped to do more this week, but had to go to Oregon to visit my father, who was in the hospital. He’s reasonably well now, but … Continue reading

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Ocean Surgery Center offers cash prices on the West Coast

I’ve written about and mentioned on several occasions two surgical facilities that offer cash prices for self-pay patients, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Regency Healthcare in New York City. These are places that offer up-front, all-inclusive prices for routine … Continue reading

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Florida hospital backs away from price transparency

A story caught my eye this morning regarding a Florida hospital that had at one point promised to post the prices they charged insurance companies online, but is now backing away from that decision. For self-pay patients, of course, getting … Continue reading

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Insured patients can save money by pretending to be uninsured

I’ve mentioned countless times before that paying directly for health care can result in big savings, especially when seeking treatment at providers and facilities that cater to self-pay patients. This applies to people who are uninsured, have high-deductible plans, or … Continue reading

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When price transparency is useless (or worse)

Price transparency is a major concern to self-pay patients. Without knowing ahead of time what a provider charges for a particular service, there is no reasonable way to shop for care and make sure you are getting the best value … Continue reading

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How to Opt Out of Obamacare

December has arrived, and the deadline to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare, of course) that will be effective January 1 is looming large. Recent press accounts suggest the online exchanges are working … Continue reading

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Fundraising for medical expenses – an option for self-pay patients, but not the best

One of the things I’ve had to clarify for a few people who have asked me about my blog and my upcoming book is that I’m not opposed to people having some form of insurance or insurance-like coverage to cover … Continue reading

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Critical illness insurance as a substitute for ‘comprehensive’ health insurance

I’ve probably mentioned critical illness policies half a dozen times as potential substitutes for high-priced ‘comprehensive’ health insurance, but I haven’t actually gotten around to explaining what they are and how they can be of benefit to self-pay patients (and of course, what their … Continue reading

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