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California turns public employees and retirees into partial self-pay patients, sees prices drop

While most self-pay patients are either uninsured or have high-deductible health insurance plans, there are occasions where people with ‘comprehensive’ insurance wind up in either the same or a very similar situation as self-pay patients. I recently read about the … Continue reading

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Free & Charitable Clinics for the Uninsured Self-Pay Patient

The focus of The Self-Pay Patient blog, as the name of the suggests, is to provide information and commentary on self-pay patients who wind up paying directly for their own care rather than rely on a third-party payer such as an insurance … Continue reading

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Cash-only doctors provide quality, affordable healthcare for self-pay patients

I’ve mentioned a few times in past blog posts that cash-only medical practices can be a great option for both the uninsured and insured with a high deductible patient, and specifically discussed the benefits of what are called direct primary care … Continue reading

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North Carolina man defends self-pay patient status

Marc Landry, a contributing columnist to the NewsObserver in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area, authored a piece a few days ago defending his status as a self-pay patient against those that would call him a ‘free-rider.’ Marc became uninsured in 2010, and … Continue reading

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Free-standing emergency rooms – any advantage for self-pay patients?

The past two decades have seen a proliferation of innovative health care providers that have made either made health care more accessible, more affordable, or more effective – in some cases all three! Examples of this include ‘convenient care clinics’ … Continue reading

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Some self-pay friends check in

Literally within minutes of announcing the launch of The Self-Pay Patient to my friends on Facebook I heard from two people I went to high school with that briefly shared with me some of their experiences getting health care as self-pay patients. … Continue reading

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