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How to save money as a self-pay patient in the emergency room

Self-pay patients can, with a little advanced planning and conscious effort, wind up saving a lot of money. Whether it’s finding a cash-only doctor, visiting hospitals and surgical facilities in the U.S. that offer up-front and real prices, signing up for a telemedicine service, using generics and … Continue reading

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Cash-only doctors provide quality, affordable healthcare for self-pay patients

I’ve mentioned a few times in past blog posts that cash-only medical practices can be a great option for both the uninsured and insured with a high deductible patient, and specifically discussed the benefits of what are called direct primary care … Continue reading

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Hospital billing negotiators can save patients big money

One of the most important things for self-pay patients to be able to do is to get real prices from hospitals and surgical facilities before they actually undergo treatment, by using tools such as the Healthcare Blue Book or Medi-Bid. Doing so can save the … Continue reading

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Medical tourism satire reveals important lessons for uninsured/self-pay patients

Freelance writer Justin Matis had what was mostly intended (I think) as a satirical piece in Slate on the subject of medical tourism and getting major medical needs met as an uninsured American. Satire or not, though, for self-pay patients his article does raise some important … Continue reading

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Health Care Sharing Ministries – an alternative to Obamacare insurance?

A little-known alternative to traditional health insurance may be ready to step into the limelight. Health care sharing ministries, which have been around for nearly three decades, aren’t actually insurance but they can fill the same role as insurance for many … Continue reading

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Some self-pay friends check in

Literally within minutes of announcing the launch of The Self-Pay Patient to my friends on Facebook I heard from two people I went to high school with that briefly shared with me some of their experiences getting health care as self-pay patients. … Continue reading

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Direct primary care an option for self-pay patients

The AARP reported earlier this week on a growing trend among doctors opting out of insurance contracts and simply accepting cash payment for services. Known as direct primary care, this trend is a tremendous boon to self-pay patients. The Doctor … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Self-Pay Patient!

Today is the launch of TheSelfPayPatient.com, a blog intended to be a resource for Americans who find themselves having to pay for needed medical care out of their own pocket, often called ‘self-pay patients.’ This blog is an outgrowth of a … Continue reading

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