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Media catching on to growth and popularity of sharing ministries

I’ve seen a couple of stories in the past few days suggesting that the media is becoming aware of health care sharing ministries as an alternative to conventional health insurance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody familiar with … Continue reading

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Health sharing ministries growing in popularity as Obamacare implementation approaches

I’ve mentioned in the past that health sharing ministries can be attractive options for many uninsured self-pay patients looking for alternatives to standard health insurance plans. A recent article in the Christian Post suggests they may be growing in popularity, and Obamacare might be … Continue reading

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Health Care Sharing Ministries – an alternative to Obamacare insurance?

A little-known alternative to traditional health insurance may be ready to step into the limelight. Health care sharing ministries, which have been around for nearly three decades, aren’t actually insurance but they can fill the same role as insurance for many … Continue reading

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