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Obamacare delivers some good news for self-pay patients

It’s been hard to find good news about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare) of late. But there is one thing that not a lot of people are familiar with that has the potential … Continue reading

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More evidence that it pays to shop around for prescription drugs

I follow the blog KevinMD.com, run by Dr. Kevin Pho and featuring a large number of doctors and other health care professionals offering commentary, insights, and news about the delivery of health care. While a lot of the posts are not … Continue reading

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Colombia enters the market for medical tourism

Going overseas to find affordable medical treatments seems to be a growing industry, and is ideal for self-pay patients who otherwise struggle to pay for needed care. A lot of attention has been given to destinations in Asia, particularly India … Continue reading

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What to do if You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance

Guest Post by Kevin Mercadante Let’s get this point out of the way up front: everyone should have health insurance. We all know this without anyone emphasizing the point. But with job losses in recent years, companies canceling their coverage, and the cost … Continue reading

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Pay attention to your hospital bills!

Earlier this week I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about fraudulent charges for anesthesiology services at the Sutter Health hospital chain in California, which drives home a point I’ve made before about the need for self-pay patients to pay … Continue reading

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Getting help in getting prescription drug help

Prescription drugs are often an important part of a patient’s treatment, and they can also be an expensive part of the overall medical bill. I’ve mentioned in the past several ways self-pay patients can save money, such as using a prescription … Continue reading

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Finding quality medical tourism destinations

A few weeks ago I traded several tweets with someone who was touting the benefits of Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination. I wound up getting a link to her company, called Exquisite Medical Tours, which specializes in arranging … Continue reading

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More cash-only doctors offering services to self-pay patients

Cash-only doctors are predicted to grow in the coming years, which will provide self-pay patients with more options and more savings when it comes to paying for their healthcare needs. Whether uninsured or with a high-deductible health insurance plan, these … Continue reading

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Options to bridge gap caused by Obamacare cancellation of health insurance policies

There’s been some news coverage of late over millions of Americans who are receiving letters from their health insurance companies explaining that their current policies are being cancelled effective December 31, primarily as a result of Obamacare’s minimum standards for health insurance. … Continue reading

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