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Kiplinger’s reports on self-pay health care

Last night I read an article in Kiplinger’s reporting on the growing trend of people who are opting out of third-party medicine and simply paying directly for their care. Kiplinger’s, for those of you unfamiliar with the publication, bills itself … Continue reading

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Ocean Surgery Center offers cash prices on the West Coast

I’ve written about and mentioned on several occasions two surgical facilities that offer cash prices for self-pay patients, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Regency Healthcare in New York City. These are places that offer up-front, all-inclusive prices for routine … Continue reading

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Florida hospital backs away from price transparency

A story caught my eye this morning regarding a Florida hospital that had at one point promised to post the prices they charged insurance companies online, but is now backing away from that decision. For self-pay patients, of course, getting … Continue reading

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When price transparency is useless (or worse)

Price transparency is a major concern to self-pay patients. Without knowing ahead of time what a provider charges for a particular service, there is no reasonable way to shop for care and make sure you are getting the best value … Continue reading

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More options for self-pay patients in Oklahoma

Looking across the country at all of the many options for self-pay patients seeking affordable healthcare, I occasionally see areas where there seems to be an awful lot of activity among providers and entrepreneurs seeking to meet the needs of … Continue reading

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Cash-Only Surgical Center Featured in Orthopedics This Week

I’ve previously featured Dr. Robert Haar and Regency Healthcare, an orthopedic surgical facility in New York City that has gone cash-only. Finding primary care doctors who are friendly to self-pay patients can be enough of a challenge, and tracking down hospitals and … Continue reading

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PricingHealthcare.com brings price transparency options to hospital care

Yesterday’s post about the challenges self-pay patients face in finding a cash-only or at least cash-friendly primary care doctor addressed a pretty common problem that the uninsured often face. One thing that I forgot to mention was telemedicine. Several companies including DocDial,* Connect2Docs,* 247DocRx,* American Well, … Continue reading

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More choices for online health care price transparency

As most self-pay patients know, finding the real price for a doctor’s visit or, medical procedure, or prescription drug can be a challenge. I’ve mentioned before several doctor’s offices, surgical facilities, and web sites that self-pay patients can use to … Continue reading

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Finding quality medical tourism destinations

A few weeks ago I traded several tweets with someone who was touting the benefits of Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination. I wound up getting a link to her company, called Exquisite Medical Tours, which specializes in arranging … Continue reading

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