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ABC News reports on medical tourism

Last week ABC News had a feature on medical tourism. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, it simply means travelling away from your home area to have a procedure performed, usually done for cost reasons but sometimes … Continue reading

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ABC’s Good Morning America reports on real prices at Surgery Center of Oklahoma

I’ve mentioned the Surgery Center of Oklahoma several times before as an option for self-pay patients who need to know what the real price is for treatment. Too often the uninsured can’t find out ahead of time what a procedure will cost, … Continue reading

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Big savings for ‘under-insured’ family needing tonsillectomy

I’ve said before, whether you’re an uninsured, high-deductible, or ‘fully’ insured self-pay patient, if you’re not following Michelle Katz, you’re doing it wrong. Michelle is a nurse and patient advocate who focuses on helping individual families avoid medical debt and get … Continue reading

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Keep an eye on those hospital bills!

As I mentioned previously, it’s going to be light blogging for me for the next several days as I continue to recover from my own surgery (so far, recovery seems to be going well). But as I go through my own experience … Continue reading

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Light posting for the next few days. Possibly gibberish after that.

Today marks the end of the first week of The Self-Pay Patient! I created the blog to be a resource for the uninsured and those with high-deductible health insurance plans, as well as others who find themselves in the position … Continue reading

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The Self-Pay Patient takes his own medicine – adventures in pharmacy prices

So I’m having surgery tomorrow. Nothing terribly serious, just several outpatient procedures on the throat and nose area to deal with sleep apnea, snoring, and related issues. At the pre-op interview at my surgeon’s office, they gave me several prescriptions … Continue reading

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Medical tourism satire reveals important lessons for uninsured/self-pay patients

Freelance writer Justin Matis had what was mostly intended (I think) as a satirical piece in Slate on the subject of medical tourism and getting major medical needs met as an uninsured American. Satire or not, though, for self-pay patients his article does raise some important … Continue reading

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