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Obamacare delivers some good news for self-pay patients

It’s been hard to find good news about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare) of late. But there is one thing that not a lot of people are familiar with that has the potential … Continue reading

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What to do if You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance

Guest Post by Kevin Mercadante Let’s get this point out of the way up front: everyone should have health insurance. We all know this without anyone emphasizing the point. But with job losses in recent years, companies canceling their coverage, and the cost … Continue reading

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Pay attention to your hospital bills!

Earlier this week I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about fraudulent charges for anesthesiology services at the Sutter Health hospital chain in California, which drives home a point I’ve made before about the need for self-pay patients to pay … Continue reading

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More cash-only doctors offering services to self-pay patients

Cash-only doctors are predicted to grow in the coming years, which will provide self-pay patients with more options and more savings when it comes to paying for their healthcare needs. Whether uninsured or with a high-deductible health insurance plan, these … Continue reading

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Do you need health insurance? Yes, sort of.

Last week the blog Political Calculations had a provocative post titled “Do you even need health insurance?” It included a calculator that allows individuals to assess the likelihood of needing hospital care at each age, which is the purpose of health insurance … Continue reading

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Webinar for medical bill mediation services

One of the financial risks self-pay patients face is going to the hospital for treatment and getting hit with so-called ‘chargemaster’ prices. These prices are hugely inflated over what the real price for treatment is, often three to five times … Continue reading

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More doctors abandoning insurance system, going ‘cash-only’

Being a self-pay patient, either uninsured or with a high deductible health insurance policy, can be a challenge on many levels. For most people who only need to be able to find a doctor to take care of routine primary … Continue reading

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Announcing the launch of the Self-Pay Healthcare Market

When I started The Self-Pay Patient blog, one of my main goals was to be a source of information for the uninsured, Americans with high-deductible health insurance, or anybody else who had to pay out of their own pocket for … Continue reading

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Orthopedic surgery center in New York City begins offering cash prices

For the past several months I’ve cited the Surgery Center of Oklahoma several times as a place where self-pay patients can go to get real prices that are ‘all-inclusive,’ meaning the fee listed covers the entire procedure, and patients don’t have to … Continue reading

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Medical loans and credit cards – New York Times reports on the downside

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post on medical loans, explaining how they can help to fill financing gaps for self-pay patients. I noted that ‘Having to borrow money to pay for needed care probably isn’t the first option most … Continue reading

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