Some self-pay friends check in

Literally within minutes of announcing the launch of The Self-Pay Patient to my friends on Facebook I heard from two people I went to high school with that briefly shared with me some of their experiences getting health care as self-pay patients. I thought it might be interesting to share their comments with readers here: 

JW – I’ve been doing this. Seeing nurse practitioners instead of the doctor.Paying cash or [going on a payment plan], but a hospital stay would kill me. So I’m lucky I’m one of the Americans that has a high deductible health insurance [plan]… Even with insurance the doctor’s office is asking money up front to cover claims insurance no longer cover. I’m almost tempted to ask to be a cash patient again, because I think they were charging me less as a cash patient.

It was more from necessity than anything because I was a single-parent. I would go to the ASU clinic to see the nurse practitioners to get immunizations and Antibiotics for occasional ear infections and pink eye for my son and our check ups. I did this for over 10 years… Insurance has corrupted our medical system. No one is getting paid including the doctor.

CM – I myself have been self pay for a very long time. And found out I actually pay WAY less out of pocket by just telling the doctor’s office that I am self pay. I got a good doctor right now that doesn’t charge HUGE rates for a office visit, so I don’t mind going when we need to go.

Thanks to JW and CM, and please, if anybody else would like to share a bit of their personal experience as a self-pay patient, please drop me a line at!

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