Light posting for the next few days. Possibly gibberish after that.

Today marks the end of the first week of The Self-Pay Patient! I created the blog to be a resource for the uninsured and those with high-deductible health insurance plans, as well as others who find themselves in the position of having to pay directly for needed healthcare services, and so far I’m pleased with the response from readers and site traffic overall.

As I mentioned in my previous post dealing with saving money on prescription drugs, I am undergoing surgery this morning. Nothing serious, but nothing particularly enjoyable either, just having my tonsils removed and a few other related procedures to deal with some sleep apnea issues.

As a result, and as those of you with some familiarity with painkillers might have gathered when I listed Lortab as one of the medications I’ll be on, I’m not going to be particularly coherent for the next few days, at least not to the point where I could write something useful here. Hopefully by early next week I’ll be back and able to provide more information for self-pay patients, including some I’ll have gotten up-close and personally over the next few days.

If you check in on Monday or Tuesday and I’m writing about Italians being after my cat (that was a concern of mine after my last surgery 25 years ago, thanks to the demerol), you’ll know I’ve come back too soon. Give it a few days, and please check back!

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