Big savings for ‘under-insured’ family needing tonsillectomy

I’ve said before, whether you’re an uninsured, high-deductible, or ‘fully’ insured self-pay patient, if you’re not following Michelle Katz, you’re doing it wrong. Michelle is a nurse and patient advocate who focuses on helping individual families avoid medical debt and get the best deals – as you might imagine, there’s a lot of overlap in her work and my blog here at The Self-Pay Patient!

Michelle is apparently in the process of loading some videos to her Vimeo site, and I just watched this one titled Ways to Save Families on Hospital Costs. It originally aired on ABC News as part of their ‘Real Money’ series.

In it she helps a family needing to get a tonsillectomy for their son. Using Health Care Blue Book and calling around to local hospitals and surgery centers, they find a surgery center where it will cost them about $2,800 for the doctor, anesthesiologist, and facility fees, well below the $21,000 that one hospital quoted them!

I highly recommend watching the video, and following the advice offered in it!

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