Saving on prescription drug costs

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience shopping for and trying to save money on prescription drugs in advance of my own surgery. As I mentioned, I used the prescription drug price comparison tool as well as calling my local Costco pharmacy. Ultimately I would up getting my prescription drugs from Costco, and avoided paying $173 for the Lortab that Costco would up selling me for less than $10.

I thought I’d pass along something that the web site put together titled “13 Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs.” Not all of them will be helpful to everyone, as some of the tips are geared towards those with health insurance while others are aimed at the uninsured. 

Among the tips that might be most helpful to self-pay patients without insurance or prescription drug coverage:

  1. Split pills
  2. Use generics
  3. Use coupons
  4. Ask your doctor for samples
  5. Compare prices

For millions of Americans prescription drugs are an important part of their healthcare, helping to treat disease and manage chronic conditions and prevent them from developing into more serious problems that require even more expensive treatments. There numerous options for self-pay patients to help them get the medications they need at an affordable price, I’ll be reporting on more of them in the future.

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3 Responses to Saving on prescription drug costs

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  2. I have Medicare & last store I received 240 “… Pills”. They charged $21.74. My hubby doesn’t have insurance so he’s self-pay. They charged him $50.99 for 160 of the same kind of meds! Call that anywhere FAIR????? SAAD!

  3. alicia corcoran says:

    I am self pay and I started looking for any way to save money on my percription costing 218.00 every month add that to the69.00 dr visit and making minimum wage lets just say I was struggling as I’m bringing coupons and discount cards for my pharmacy CVS to try for me it was nothing short of a complete aggravation for the woman behind the counter as if the discount was coming out of her pocket she was so rude I finally gave up and switched pharmacy

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