For less than many insurance co-pays, this doctor in Austin Texas will see you

Dr. Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma tweeted yesterday about the Austin Med Clinic, a cash-only doctor’s office in Austin, Texas:

The ‘unbelievable’ prices that Dr. Crump offers are pretty simple – $30 for a single condition or medical issue, $40 for two or more. Here is the link to his price schedule.

Dr. Crump explains on his web site how his practice operates, and how he is able to offer such low prices:

Healthcare costs are scary. Many people avoid seeing a doctor because they are afraid of what they will be billed, and in most cases, it is almost impossible to find out beforehand what those costs may be. We started our practice with the goal of removing these barriers so that people can get quality healthcare without the fear of unknown costs… 

All costs are upfront and available on our website or by asking…

The prices listed under pricing are for real. There is no catch. We do not charge extra to write a prescription or anything of that nature. Most straightforward problems are $30. If you have more than one complaint you want addressed, the cost is $40. Lab prices are stated clearly under lab pricing

We are not on any insurance plans. We do not bill any insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. This helps to keep our overhead and our prices low. If you have insurance, we will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. Depending on the plan, insurance companies will often reimburse you for the care you received from us, or they will apply it to your deductible. In general, most people with insurance have deductibles that far exceed any costs they will incur at our clinic. In addition, our costs are often in line with what most people pay in copays…

That last bit is especially interesting, and suggests that even those with ‘comprehensive’ insurance can benefit by going to see a cash-only doctor. On a research paper I recently co-authored (hopefully to be published in the next few weeks), I reviewed insurance policies that will be available on the Obamacare exchanges starting in 2014. Co-pays for doctor visits in the ‘Bronze’ plans (the least expensive policies available to most people) were routinely in the $30 to $50 range, meaning that for some people it would be less expensive to pay out of pocket for a visit to Dr. Crump than to use their insurance and go to a doctor that accepts third-party payment.

The growth of these types of practices is clearly a boon to self-pay patients, whether uninsured or insured, and I hope to be able to report on many more cash-only and direct primary care practices opening around the country.

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4 Responses to For less than many insurance co-pays, this doctor in Austin Texas will see you

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  2. Kayla says:

    I’ve been looking for a place to go that accepts no insurance patients looking at your website by my understanding I am still able to go for an office visit? But I have another question Would you be able to treat serious conditions if it came out to be serious ? If that makes sense , please help

    • says:

      There are doctors and medical facilities that are friendly to self-pay patients that can handle just about any condition, serious or not.

  3. Diala Chizoba says:

    Hello dr, I am a visitor and a medical doctor wishing to have my baby here in America but would love to pay out of pocket and at a reasonable price too. so far my pregnancy has been uneventful. Awaiting your reply/ phone number thanx. Dr Diala Chizoba

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