Media Roundup of Self-Pay Healthcare

Patients who pay their own way, either because they are uninsured or have a high-deductible health insurance plan, have been popping up in the media more often of late, or so it seems to me at least. I thought regular readers might appreciate seeing what’s being reported, and new readers might also gain something by getting an overview of the choices and considerations self-pay patients have.

First up, conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity had Dr. Robert Haar of Regency Healthcare in New York City and Dr. Josh Umbehr of AtlasMD in Wichita, Kansas on his show for about 10 minutes the other day, both of them talking about their cash-only practices. I’ve featured Regency Healthcare previously, it’s a cash-only orthopedic surgery center. AtlasMD is a direct-primary care practice, in which patients pay a modest monthly fee and in return have nearly unlimited access to primary care and have a doctor with fewer patients than average, meaning more time for doctors and patients to interact.

The interview with Hannity is very informative, and surprisingly doesn’t have a lot of political talk. You can listen to it here:

Our friend Ralph Weber, who founded the online medical bidding site Medibid, also was on FOX Business News a few days back, talking about finding a quality doctor online. You can watch him here:

Also, I was interviewed by Dr. Susan Berry of Breitbart News the other day, and the article went up late last night. You can read it here: Interview: Self-Pay Options Offer Americans Affordable, High-Quality Health Care.

In addition, both ABC and CBS a few weeks ago featured medical tourism on their morning shows, I reported earlier on the ABC segment and you can watch the CBS News story here: Traveling for Treatment.

All in all, it seems like more of the media are catching on that affordable, high-quality health care is available to people who pay directly for their own medical treatments. Hopefully all this attention will let more people know about all their different options!

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Where can one find Cash-Only doctors in thier area?
    Im in Az.

  2. Calverton hamilton says:

    Where can I find cash only doctor in MD

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