Karis Group’s bill negotiation service saves cancer patient $1 million

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, talk, and exchange e-mails with a number of people at some great companies and organizations that help self-pay patients obtain affordable care. One of these that stands out is The Karis Group, founded by Dr. Tony Dale. Karis runs a couple of different companies and services, including The Health Co-Op,* which provides services to members of the Samaritan Ministries health care sharing organization. These services include telemedicine, medical bill negotiation, prescription drug discounts, and many other valuable services for members of Samaritan.

Karis also started a consumer medical bill negotiation service last year, called Medical Bill Mediation. They’ve been negotiating on behalf of clients to reduce medical bills since 1996, but the new service is their first that individuals can directly join on their own. 

The recently shared with me a success story, as well as a little background on Karis and the services they provide. And success is probably an understatement, as you’ll see! Here’s what they shared:

Healthcare Savings – Changing Lives

You dread when the mail comes. You know this bill is coming: you had an unexpected health emergency requiring surgery and a hospital stay. You know the bill will be expensive but you never expected this many zeros at the end. You’ve worked hard all your life but you know you can’t afford this bill – you want to pay, there’s just no way you can afford it. What do you do? 

Regular people across the United States face this reality everyday. According to a Yahoo Finance study, medical bills were the number one cause of bankruptcy in 2010. Where do you turn when you’re facing large medical bills – be it from emergencies or chronic illness?

Recently Samantha* faced exactly this scenario, but the size of the bills made her situation particularly challenging.  Having a huge set of medical bills, she definitely needed someone to help her get the bills resolved.  She turned to The Karis Group.

Samantha had been diagnosed with cancer.  Getting well should always be the priority in health care, and not worrying about bills.  She turned to her Karis advocate who turned his attention to getting providers to reduce or completely write off the bills.  Over the course of 4 months, the advocate called the providers, more than once, and worked  with providers.  In the end, her Karis advocate was able to get the entire set of bills, totaling more than $1 million, completely written off by her health care providers.

Helping people with large out-of-pocket balances motivated Dr. Tony Dale to found The Karis Group. After a knee surgery and without insurance, Dr. Dale faced mounting medical bills. He took matters into his own hands, calling the medical centers and getting his bills reduced. This sparked an idea…

Dr. Dale founded The Karis Group in 1996 to help patients and members of our clients large and small.  Last year, The Karis Group launched Medical Bill Mediation to assist everyday consumers facing large out-of-pocket balances on their medical bills.

Medical Bill Mediation Advisors and Advocates work daily with members from all walks of life helping them find solutions and helping provide significant financial results for individuals and families. But it’s not just the results that matter to Medical Bill Mediation members:  the  excellent customer experience from working with a Karis advocate is what is mentioned most frequently in satisfaction surveys.

The healthcare world isn’t getting any simpler or any less expensive in the coming months and years. But, at least now, you have somewhere to turn to help you with mounting healthcare bills.

For more information, visit MedicalBillMediation.com.

*Name changed to protect privacy

I’ll admit this is a bit more marketing-copy oriented than I normally would put up on The Self-Pay Patient, but my theory here is: Save a self-pay patient $1 million in medical bills, and I’ll put up just about anything you give me! This is truly a stunning story, and should hopefully demonstrate the potential for savings that medical bill negotiation services can provide.

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