Merry Christmas from The Self-Pay Patient blog!

It’s Christmas week, and so in the next several days I’ll be travelling, resting, attempting to assemble toys for a 3-year old boy, hiding from in-laws, and doing all the normal things that you might expect of someone this time of year. As such, blogging will be lite-to-nonexistent the next few days. I did want to share a few quick thoughts before heading out for the week however.

  1. While the Christmas season isn’t usually quite as busy as Thanksgiving when it comes to travel, there are still an awful lot of people driving around, more than usual. Add in the icy/snowy roads and some people who sadly get behind the wheel after having at least one too many drinks, and it can be an added time of danger for drivers. With that in mind, it’s worth thinking about increasing insurance coverage for medical costs on your auto insurance. Getting in a car crash can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars in terms of medical costs, and coverage against these costs can be bought extremely cheaply. I’m going from memory but I think my current coverage gives me $100,000 in protection against medical costs caused by an uninsured/under-insured driver, and $10,000 in costs caused in a no-fault or at-fault situation, for about $60 a year. Well worth it, in my opinion!
  2. Today is the last day to sign up for coverage that will be effective January 1, at least for many people, as of yesterday (things do seem to be a bit jumbled on this matter, especially over the last several weeks). If you are hoping to sign up today and can’t because of web site or other issues, consider a short-term policy that will cover you for January that you can then drop until you are able to sign up for a policy starting in February. Starting the new year without any sort of coverage at all is, in my opinion, a risky move, so I’d urge you to consider some sort of coverage to protect you from a major medical expense.
  3. I understand there’s been some attention of late to pajama-clad young men drinking hot chocolate wanting to discuss health insurance this Christmas vacation. By all means, this is a conversation that should be had, hopefully it will include a discussion of alternatives to conventional health insurance and the bureaucratic medical system. A perfect way to bring these up, if you suspect you’re going to wind up sharing your Christmas with someone who is locked in on the idea that everybody should have conventional health insurance, is to give them a copy of my book, The Self-Pay Patient: Affordable Healthcare Choices in the Age of Obamacare (currently available on Kindle and Nook).

That’s it for now, hope to post again later this week. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

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  1. Rick says:

    I don’t know where you live, but car insurance is expensive here in New Jersey.

    • says:

      I’m in Virginia, so I can’t say I know much about insurance rates in New Jersey. But typically adding on medical coverage isn’t that much, although I suppose that could vary by state as well.

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