Medibid patient explains his experience

One of my favorite services for self-pay patients is Medibid, which allows doctors to bid on providing medical treatments for patients. Back in December, in a blog post on medical tourism, I included the case of Perry Hunt, a 50-year old in California who needed hip replacement surgery. This is the description that originally appeared in a Men’s Health article, which I pasted into my post:

This past June, MediBid helped Perry Hunt, a 50-year-old home developer in Orange County, California, get a new right hip in Texas. Hunt’s local surgeon said the operation would cost $100,000. Hunt was uninsured and did not want to pay that. MediBid had found quotes for India ($8,000), another hospital in California an hour from Hunt’s home ($14,450), and one in San Antonio ($21,000).

Hunt did not want to travel overseas. And even though the Texas surgery would cost far more than the nearby California alternative, he chose to go there because the doctor could perform the procedure with an anterior approach, going in through the front of the hip rather than the buttocks or side, and avoiding cutting through muscle, which makes for less trauma to the body and a speedier recovery…. Hunt was back to playing golf within four months. “I was up walking the very next day,” says Hunt. “I was able to go home the day following surgery, as well, and was given exercises as my rehab. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my experience and the surgery”

Hunt has now done a video describing his experience, which runs about 25 minutes. I thought it would be worth posting here so you can see him talk about how he wound up going through Medibid, his experiences as a self-pay patient, and the quality of the care he received. So here it is:

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  1. Firebird7478 says:

    I’ve subscribed to Medibid for a couple of procedures and have had no such luck. In fact, in one case I received 2 bids and in another no bids at all.

  2. Well it is true that price range is big for the same procedure comparing US and EU. For US patients I advise to discover EU countries and reduce costs for procedures, at the same time to see Europe.

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