A few of my favorite things – NeedyMeds

Regular readers of The Self-Pay Patient blog know that I’m a big fan of an organization called NeedyMeds,* which focuses on helping patients obtain needed medical care that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

NeedyMeds started with a focus on assisting patients access the patient assistance programs offered by nearly ever prescription drug manufacturer offers (and it could be all of them, I’m just covering my bases in case there’s one or two that don’t). These patient assistance programs typically offer low-cost or even free medicine to patients who can’t afford them at the retail price.

The organization has expanded over the years, and now offers patients assistance across a broad range of areas, including free health clinics, disease-specific support programs, and a charity funding site for medical bills. They have a series of short videos (most of them are about 3 ½ minutes long) that explain their various programs, and I thought I’d share several of them with readers of The Self-Pay Patient.

Free Clinics

Drug Discount Card

Disease Resource Pages

Co-Pay Programs

They also offer a series of webinars that go in-depth on a variety of issues, which can be found at the NeedyMeds Video Library. Topics include their HealFundr crowdfunding site, medical bill negotiation, and how to safely by medicines online. The webinars are in power-point format, which can be a little dry, but the information in them is terrific! And although NeedyMeds is geared primarily towards those struggling to afford care, the information in their videos and webinars is useful to self-pay patients who are just looking for opportunities to save money as well.

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2 Responses to A few of my favorite things – NeedyMeds

  1. Carmen Myers says:

    Dear Mr. Parnell:

    Thank you so very much, for taking the time to gather all of this wonderful resources.
    They are not only helping me, but provides me the opportunity to help others.


    Carmen Myers

  2. Matt says:

    I used Needy Meds today. It made my Rx $2 cheaper than my (hospital) employee plan! Thank you.

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