More Self-Pay Practices – June 2015

I’ve had several doctor’s offices and other medical providers who cater to self-pay patients reach out to me in recent weeks, wanting me to pass along their information. Finding a cash-only or at least cash-friendly doctor is probably the biggest challenge for those of us operating outside the third-party payer system, so I’m always happy to pass along information when I get it (even though I may not be terribly timely). Here are a couple that have contacted me recently, I’ll have more in the coming days and weeks (hopefully).

Associated Urologists of Orange County

Primary care physicians who cater to self-pay patients are generally easier to find, so I’m always pleased to see specialists as well. Associated Urologists of Orange County is one such practice, located in Santa Ana, California. They do accept insurance, but their web site says “We welcome all patients, including Self Pay patients.” They offer a price list for self-pay patients, and according to the page they offer cash prices comparable to what PPO insurance companies pay. I checked out a few of the procedures they had listed and this appears to be the case. A vasectomy, for example, is listed for $800, while according to Healthcare Bluebook in the Orange County area a typical insurer would pay $850. A pelvic ultrasound at AUOC lists for $125, close to the $116 price that Healthcare Bluebook shows.

An initial visit for new patients is $150 while follow-up visits are $75 for self-pay patients, which compares favorably to what I’d guess would be the closest “standardized” visit type, a Level II visit to see a doctor ($161 and $95, respectively).

Associated Urologists of Orange County is located at 1801 N Broadway in Santa Ana, and can be reached at (714) 639 -1915 or by an online form available at

Note: 8/26/2016

Dr. Horiagon has had his license to practice medicine revoked as of March 10, 2016. See Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations, Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Dr. Tom Horiagon

Self-pay patients in the Denver area ought to know about Dr. Tom Horiagon of Littleton, Colorado. He lays out his vision and practice on the home page of his practice:

…Ambulatory care is now an out-of-pocket expense due to high deductibles, narrow networks, and long wait times to be seen in network. Moreover, as hospitals have purchased physician practices, the fees for ambulatory care have skyrocketed in Denver. Hospital master charge lists are not transparent for the most part and indefensible price variations emerge in the absence of constant scrutiny. These price variations can be as much as tenfold for identical services in the Denver metropolitan market.

To make medical care realistically priced, administrative costs, labor costs, and rent need to be as cheap as possible. A 2 room practice like I have can repair wounds, treat simple eye injuries, treat a huge variety of musculoskeletal injuries, and manage the majority of chronic medical conditions with episodic or scheduled visits. Everything is priced by the amount of time I personally spend treating someone ($50/15 minutes). EKG’s, complete pulmonary tests, sleep apnea evaluations, simple urinalysis are all available at the office. High-quality imaging services are available in the same building and the price for patients who pay cash is a small fraction of the cost applied when insurance is used. A network of other providers who have superior quality and cash prices for patients who do not wish to use insurance is used preferentially for referrals.

$50 for a 15 minute visit with a doctor of his experience and expertise (his bio shows board certifications in internal medicine and pulmonary disease, and he received his medical degree in 1981, giving him 30+ years of experience) is a bargain. Again looking at Healthcare Bluebook, an established patient visit to a doctor for 15 minutes runs about $140 dollars in the Denver area. And judging from the introduction on his homepage, it’s clear that Dr. Horiagon is fully on board with the self-pay idea!

Dr. Horiagon’s office is at 26 W. Dry Creek Circle, Suite 640 in Littleton and he can be reached at 720-306-8280 or



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6 Responses to More Self-Pay Practices – June 2015

  1. Awesome timing with the SCOTUS decision. Direct Pay/ Self-Pay is the way to opt out of Obamacare and take back individual control of care. Thank you for getting the word out!

  2. Lisa says:

    For those doing self-pay on prescriptions – I highly recommend this company in Austin – … they do mail order as well.

    • Aubryn says:

      Thank you!!!! As soon as I find a self pay practitioner in WA State that knows how to deal with Hashi’s I will definitely call medsavers! I read every thing on their site and I am impressed.

  3. Pete says:

    Healthpons is a website that lets people shop for individual healthcare services the way they do everything else online. You can literally “shop” for a doctor based on credentials, schooling, and services they perform. The cash price is listed in real time. You simply pay and go without getting hit with a surprise bill on the back-end. Growing company for sure.

  4. Staff at HCA says:

    Unfortunately, as of 09/10/2015 Dr. Thomas Horiagon no longer practices at the 26 W Dry Creek Circle office. To reach Dr. Horiagon, please email him at

  5. juan marten says:

    Maybe this will help — from an earlier discussion with an EMT.
    — begin clip —
    Humm — the demand for “cash friendly” doctors — free of Obama[Tax]care and Insurance Oligopoly Machinations — is growing — and now there is an AAPS list to help you find a Doc-in-box.

    A return to pre-1965 “fee for service” biz model? Before LBJ’s “Great Society” began to monkey with medical services?

    Do not forget to haggle — with cash you can gain 20-50% discounts from the artificially priced system inflated by insurance money and Obama[Tax]care regulations.

    Where does the savings come from? Each insurance form and Obama[Tax]care regulatory document your Doc can avoid is hundreds of dollars in staff time savings.

    Fuel for options, Regards, RM

    ==> 780 Doc-in-Box List

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