Reporter Looking for People With Unexpected Medical Bills

I’ve been contacted by a reporter looking for anybody who would like to share their story regarding unexpected medical bills, primarily those of insured individuals who wind up getting an “out of network” provider and the resulting inflated bill. If you’d like me to put you in touch with her, please send me an e-mail at selfpaypatient [at] gmail [dot] com.

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6 Responses to Reporter Looking for People With Unexpected Medical Bills

  1. David Moll says:

    I am a pharmacist now practicing in insurance, and I have packages available to sell that will avoid the situation of paying those outrageous deductibles, yet keep premiums lower!

    Email me at If you are in one of the states I can consult with you in, I will let you know (should only be about 5 or 6 during this open enrollment, possibly more later).

  2. Unexpected medical bills no doubt and more like catastrophic! My husband broke his neck with no insurance and 9 kids. I learned so much from this and then went to work in insurance. Armed with a lethal amount of inside knowledge on how the industry works I built a company to offer the lowest cash prices in the market. Love to talk to you.
    Patty Everette
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  3. S. Webb says:

    Unexpected Medical Bills. I would like to find info on why after having a medical procedure done and self payed the bill due to no insurance I would still receive a bill from the provider.I had two procedures done and informed the doctor that I had no insurance and would self pay. No problem. I paid before the procedures and was told I may still get a bill in the mail but to ignore it. I indeed received the bill but was for $ 200.00 more than what I paid and it shows no credit of what I paid and still showing a balance. Am I receiving this bill so the provider can still use this as a write off? What gives?

  4. Jennifer mcherron says:

    I made the mistake of going to ENT. Without insurance card , indicated that I would self pay and get reimbursed. Was treated ‘very’ differently at that point, was asked to lay in advance $345.00 for a 10 minute visit. And then was provided with a receipt before the the visit that indicated nothing that could be used for the insurance company. I was made to feel embarrassed and like less because they presumed/assumed that I did not actually have insurance and was trying to bug out on the bill.
    I feel so much for those who cannot afford insurance.
    Do ENT visits costs this much? He literally looked at my nose, ear and throat and did nothing else.

    • Sean Parnell says:

      Some (most?) doctors’ offices aren’t accustomed to dealing with self-pay patients (some people are even told it’s illegal, which is completely false). If possible, try to stick with doctors that are self-pay friendly. Call them, say you’re self-pay and ask what a visit costs – if they can answer it easily and immediately, you’ve probably got a good one, if they fumble and seem confused by the question, keep looking.

  5. Sheryl Root says:

    Surprising unexpected medical bills. I broke my finger in September 2014 and had to have surgery to put pins in. Months later, I recieved a bill for the anesthesiologist. The “clinic” was an all encompassing type of clinic that has many doctors, ambulatory surgery centers, and other care facilities under it’s umbrella which was in network for my insurance, however, they contracted out the anesthesiologists who were not in network for my insurance. Also, a year later, I had to have a second surgery on the same finger due to complications. I used the same surgeon as before. This time, however, I had qualified for medicaid in my state. I made sure to call the anesthesiology office to make sure they were in network for my medicaid, which they were. The surgeon I was using was also in network. Months later, I received a bill for a “facility fee”. This facility is the ambulatory surgery center that falls under the same clinic umbrella as the surgeon. I was told that the use of the facility is not a covered service with my medicaid plan.

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