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I would especially appreciate hearing from anybody who would like to share their own experience as a self-pay patient, or any tips you may have that I can pass along to my readers.

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  1. Jerome Bigge says:

    I just finished reading the book. I bought the Kindle edition since I like reading on the Kindle and it can store a lot of books in its memory. This one is definitely a “keeper”. I gave you five stars on Amazon and recommended this as one everyone should have!

  2. Patricia Taylor says:

    I am interested in this – is it available in Fort Myers/Naples, Fl area?

    Thank you.

    • says:

      It’s not in bookstores at the moment (working on that) but it is available via Amazon (paperback or digital) as well as in digital format on iBookstore and

    • Michael says:

      We are a pharmacy that work with drug manufactures and other organizations to help decrease the cost of patients medications. If anyone is aware of people who need help with medication costs please ask them to reach out to us at


  3. RACHEL says:


    • says:

      I’m certain they do, it should just be a matter of specifying that you want a diagnostic colonoscopy when you call around.

  4. Efi says:

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  5. Ken says:

    I know this isnt a help line but i was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation since i cant seem to find anything online similar to my situation. I am currently thinking of changing jobs and will loose my insurance for a while in the process. I seen my PCP today and told her I would be loosing my insurance for a few months and was curious as to how much the doctor visit would be out of pocket just to get refills on my pain meds. She told me she thought the price had changed and to ask the girl at the front desk on my way out. When I asked the ( just to mention, EXTREMELY RUDE ) girl at the front desk about it she tells me that the doctor will no longer accept out of pocket payments. I’m sure there is nothing legal I can do about it but was hoping there was something that can be done about this. Any help would be great because I can’t work any job without my meds and they know this. Thanks alot if someone can help.

    • says:

      A PCP that no longer accepts out of pocket payments? My guess is she didn’t know what she was talking about, even among doctors who are totally unfriendly to self-pay patients they’ll usually still see them (they might ask for payment up front, though – some doctors view self-pay as code word for no-pay, and unfortunately some patients live up to that reputation).

      If you can’t continue to see this doctor, either because of cost or they truly aren’t seeing self-pay patients any longer, you will probably be best served by finding a nearby cash-only or cash-friendly doctor (there are a couple of links on my ‘Market’ page that will help you find one), or a telemedicine service may be able to meet your need if you just need a prescription re-authorized on a regular basis. There’s also free and charitable clinics. Both telemedicine providers and the clinics can be found on the ‘Market’ page as well.

      Hope this helps!

      • Elizabeth Diener says:

        The rejection of self-pay patients by PCP practices is a real thing, not a misunderstanding on the part of the front desk. An uninsured colleague in Michigan just informed me he was denied appointments at 4 PCP offices, and would have to wait until the beginning of the year.

    • Elizabeth Diener says:

      I came across a colleague in Michigan with the same problem recently… was refused by 4 different offices. No reason was given as of yet.

  6. Tia says:

    I am trying to find alternatives which will comply with the Obamacare mandate, so I bought the book. The suggested alternatives are all reasonable sounding. However, except for the health sharing ministries, it is not made clear whether any of the other options comply with the mandate eg I could not determine whether a critical illness policy would comply in any way with Obamacare. I wish to avoid the exchanges, Medicaid, and having to pay the penalty. So, while the information was good, I am still left scratching my head after reading it, and am still searching for answers.

    • says:

      Hi Tia, sorry that wasn’t clear in the book. The only alternative that complies with the mandate is membership in a health sharing ministry. Critical illness, short-term insurance, and other options can provide you with coverage, but they do not satisfy Obamacare’s individual mandate. Hope this clears things up!

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  8. Gloria says:

    Hello, are our neurosurgeons allowed to accept cash for office visits and surgeries for patients that do not want to use their private insurance. Is a waiver required for patients to sign? Also, can we collect money upfront for Medicare only patients who (no dual coverage) for deductible and/or co insurance amount before surgery is performed?

    Thank you,

    • says:

      Yes you can accept cash payments from your patients who want to avoid using their insurance, UNLESS they are Medicare patients and you’re a participating provider (I think that’s the term). As for collecting from Medicare patients for the deductible or co-insurance amount, I’m not sure, that’s probably a question for a lawyer knowledgeable in this area (fortunately there’s one who often comments on these sorts of questions here). Hope that helps.

  9. Pam says:

    Can you tell me if the practicing physicians( such as the husband/wife team you mentioned in a post from Florida), are required to share any of your medical information with anyone if you are private pay and they dont accept 3rd party pay?And, do you have a list of these types of facilities across the nation or perhaps a working web address for easy research for these types of practices?

    • says:

      They aren’t required to share patient information with anyone, in fact that’s one of the big advantages to going to cash-only and cash-friendly practices. As for the list of facilities, it’s something I’m working on for the new site which I hope to eventually get up, in the meantime you might find what you need through the market page.

  10. Hello,
    If you want to do a story about a functional/integrative direct pay practice, look us up in Spring Hill, TN.

    Eric Potter MD

  11. Lori says:

    Can anyone affirm, or direct me to a publication with, information regarding the law requiring physicians to charge at least the minimum equal to the federal reimbursement fees? My reaction to this is absurd – the government mandating how much you can charge? I’ve encountered a practice that claims their rates are based on fees set by the federal government and they cite as their resource. I haven’t approached the office yet to give them my opinion about this “policy”. :-) What happened is I went to see a doctor for a straight-forward sinus infection (looked at my throat/ears, prescribed antibiotics and done in under 15 min) and paid up front, then got an invoice in the mail for an additional $50. Evidently I paid for a level 3 visit and the nurse practitioner charged me for a level 4. Then they send me a copy of their “Self-Pay/Uninsured Financial Policy” in the mail with the statement highlighted concerning the federal government requirements. I’m looking for some armor for when I approach the business office and explain to them what they can do with their invoice as politely as possible, and never return to that office again. Thanks in advance.

  12. Steve James says:

    Is this coverage only for catastrophic health crises? Does it cover doctor visits, such as check ups, blood work, x rays, MRI, CT scans? Is there a copay?

    • says:

      What specifically are you looking at? There are a lot of options for self-pay patients, and depending on what you’re looking at the details will vary widely.

  13. cindy elston says:

    please help me find a self pay doctor in indiana ..for my parents..

  14. JoEtta Harris says:

    I am considering joining a Christian ministry healthcare plan. Meanwhile, I am having a difficult time finding doctors for self-pay patients.

    Help! Please, my zip code is 30033.

  15. Buddy Haines says:

    Yes my Psychiatrist had his license suspended and I’m left without my anxiety medicine. I take three 2 mg alprazolam a day and now am left with no physician to help me. Can Doctor on demand prescribe my medication?

  16. Richard Albertson MD says:

    I am a general surgeon and prefer to treat people without insurance. I have put together package deals for different surgeries and have put together packages for colon resection, hysterectomy, gallbladder, colonoscopy, and numerous other surgeries. The price is inclusive for the hospital, anesthesia ,pathology,and my fee. An example would be that of a laproscopic gallbladder which is a little over $5400 . Every patient is different and a price will be worked out in a fair manner. The consultation fee is $50 dollars and if surgery is performed the fee will be credited to the surgery price. I would invite you to check my credentials and hopefully I can help.

  17. Richard Albertson MD says:

    I am a general surgeon. I have put together package deals for different surgeries and have put together packages for colon resection, hysterectomy, gallbladder, colonoscopy, and numerous other surgeries. The price is inclusive for the hospital, anesthesia ,pathology,and my fee. An example would be that of a laproscopic gallbladder which is a little over $5400 . Every patient is different and a price will be worked out in a fair manner. The consultation fee is $50 dollars and if surgery is performed the fee will be credited to the surgery price. I would invite you to check my credentials and hopefully I can help.

  18. Brian Park says:

    I am a manager at a laboratory servicing agency (OptionOneLab). Our companies services would be a great fit for doctors with many cash pay patients. We have pre – negotiated a lowered blood test prices with QUEST DIAGNOSTICS that you can offer to your cash pay patients. Please email me at for more information.

    Brian Park

  19. Nick Williams says:

    I’m with Altrua now and have been for 16 years, before it was called Altrua. They are a complete mess. Good luck to anyone who joins with them. If you do due diligence, you’ll find tons of complaints about them. They may be cheap alternative, but you get what you pay for. Good luck! I’m shopping for another sharing program.

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