Self-Pay Healthcare Market

Welcome to the Self-Pay Healthcare Market!

The following is a partial list of providers, facilities, web sites, and other companies and organizations that cater to or at least are especially helpful to self-pay patients. The list is definitely incomplete, as I continue to discover new options for self-pay patients I will add to the list. If you have any recommendations to add to the list, please send me an e-mail at!

One additional note, a handful of the companies listed below have advertising, marketing, or other agreements with The Self-Pay Patient. They have a sponsor icon next to them, and when I reference them in a blog post I’ll be putting an * next to them. I hope you will visit their sites.

Self-Pay Bundles

Some sites have a number of different services that cater to self-pay patients, either ‘bundled’ for sale as a single product or able to be accessed from their web site (The Self-Pay Patient blog would be the ultimate bundle, of course!). Companies and sites that do this are listed here, and are in many cases also listed under the individual services they provide.

247DocRx site sponsor Connect2Docs site sponsor
The Health Co-Op site sponsor NeedyMeds site sponsor
 MedTipster  CADR Plus
 Common Sense Care

Cash-only & cash-friendly physicians

Doctors that don’t accept insurance and who ask to be paid at the time of service are usually less expensive than doctors who accept insurance. In addition, some doctors who do take insurance will discount their prices for self-pay patients.

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons DocCost
PricePain The Wedge
SimpleCare  MDSave

Hospitals/Surgery Centers

Most hospitals charge wildly inflated rates to self-pay patients, typically 3-5 times what an insurer would pay. Finding a hospital or surgery center that offers up-front package pricing is crucial to avoiding these overcharges.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma Good Shepard Medical Center (Longview, TX)
No Insurance Surgery (Las Vegas, NV Oklahoma Heart Hospital
Thyroid Surgery Center of Texas Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI)
Tucson Medical Center Surgery Center Network
Daytime Outpatient Surgical Center (Dallas, TX) Regency Healthcare (New York City)
 Stony Point Surgery Center (Richmond, VA)
Surgery Without Medical Insurance/Cirugia Sin Fronteras (Bakersfield, CA) Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County (Newport Beach, CA)
 Ocean Surgery Center (Torrance, CA)

Health Care Sharing Organizations

Sharing organizations are voluntary associations of people who agree to share medical bills between them, similar to insurance. They are typically less expensive than conventional health insurance, and for some ministries members are exempt from paying the Obamacare tax for being uninsured.

Christian Care Ministry/Medishare Samaritan Ministries
Christian Healthcare Ministries Liberty HealthShare
The Health Co-Op site sponsor Altrua HealthShare 
Christ Medicus Foundation Curo Solidarity HealthShare

Medical Tourism

Traveling outside of your home area for medical treatment can offer big savings over local providers who aren’t willing to charge reasonable prices to self-pay patients, or where overseas providers are just less expensive.


MediBid North American Surgery


Planet Hospital
MedRetreat World Med Assist
MedtoGo  BajaMed
Patients Beyond Borders Medical Tourism International
Costa Rica Health Travel Services Medical Travel Associates
Healthcare Abroad Exquisite Medical Tours


Many visits to a doctor’s office can be avoided by getting a doctor on the phone, e-mailing them, or connecting with them via a video connection. This can mean relatively quick and inexpensive access to care.

247DocRx site sponsor  Connect2Docs site sponsor
CADRPlus The Health Co-Op site sponsor
AmeriDoc Consult a Doctor
1st Care MD Teladoc
CallMD AmericanWell
Complete Healthcare Concierge Doctor On Demand
 Common Sense Care

Direct Primary Care & Concierge Practices

Many doctors have set up practices that offer nearly unlimited access to primary care for a modest monthly fee, called Direct Primary Care Practices. Concierge practices typically are more expensive and work with insurance, and offer much better access to care and extra services.

Direct Primary Care Coalition American Acadamy of Private Physicians
Qliance (Pacific Northwest)  PrimaraCare (Arizona)

Convenient Care Clinics

Typically staffed by well-educated Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants, these clinics are located in easy to access locations, offering basic care, transparent pricing, and often a lower cost than a visit to the doctor.

Healthcare 311 Find Urgent Care
Minute Clinic Aurora Quickcare Clinics (Wisconsin)
RediClinic (Texas) Take Care Clinic (Walgreens, 18 states)
The Little Clinic (Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennesse) ShopKo Fastcare (upper Midwest, Great Plains, West)
Target Clinic (Target, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina and Virginia)  Careworks (Pennsylvania)

Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications are a vital part of treating many illnesses and injuries, and can be very expensive. The resources listed below offer a variety of ways to save money on prescription drug costs.

Chain Drugstore Discount/Saving Programs

Walmart Walgreens
Target Rite Aid
CVS Costco

Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tools

GoodRx Rx Price Quotes
WeRx MedTipster 

Prescription Drug Discount Cards & Coupons

247DocRx site sponsor Connect2Docs site sponsor
The Health Co-Op site sponsor Needy Meds site sponsor
Familywize Together Rx Access
Coast to Coast Rx Card Your Rx Card
The Healthcare Alliance MedTipster  LowRx
 Common Sense Care

Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

Needy Meds site sponsor Prescription Assistance Program
Rx Assist Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Together Rx Access State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs
Rx Hope  The Rx Connection

Mental Health

Health care isn’t only about our bodies, but our minds too. Many mental health professionals are already cash-only, and there are a number of options for people needing free care as well. Below are a few places that may be worth checking out.
TherapyLiveCare Pretty Padded Room (for women)
TEEN Challenge (Christian/addiction treatment) Mental Health America
Breakthrough Cope Today
7 Cups of Tea e Mental Health Center

Health Apps

Innovative technology companies are developing apps for mobile devices that can help self-pay patients save money, stick with their treatments, and achieve improved health.

Prescription Drug Adherence Tools

MedSimple Rxmindme
MyMeds MedsAgenda
MyMedSchedule Doctor On Demand

Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tools

Lowest Med LowRx

Accident, Critical Illness, Fixed-Benefit, Short Term Insurance

There are a number of alternative insurance products that can be effective substitutes for conventional health insurance. The companies below are among those that offer these alternatives.

eHealth AFLAC
American Fidelity Assurance Company Assurant Health
Humana Reserve National
Golden Rule  Mutual of Omaha
There are also specific insurance and benefits brokers that cater to individuals or businesses looking for alternatives to conventional health insurance. The persons and companies below may be able to help you find the appropriate alternative coverage. Note that plans may not be available in all states.
Parachute Health Obamacare Alternatives
Dustin Knoedler  Route 3 Benefits

Labs, Screenings, & Imaging

Like prescription drugs, modern medicine relies on lab tests, advanced imaging like MRIs, and health screenings. Getting them at your local hospital is almost always the most expensive option, the links below will show you how to save money on these services.

Imaging Services

Save On Medical Sprig Health (Oregon & Washington) Symbiosis Health (New York & Chicago)


Laboratory Services

First Choice Labs USA True Health Labs
Sprig Health (Oregon & Washington) Save On Labs
EconoLab$ MedTipster
Symbiosis Health (New York & Chicago)

Medical Loans

Among the many alternatives to conventional health insurance to paying for care, there are companies out there that will lend money to patients. Probably not the best option, but it is an option.

LightStream United Medical Credit
Med Loan Finance Compass Payment Solutions 

Medical Bill Negotiators

Medical bills, especially from hospitals, can be confusing, riddled with errors, and wildly inflated. Working with medical bill negotiators is a great way to get the amount owed reduced, often dramatically.

Connect2Docs site sponsor The Health Co-Op site sponsor
My Medical Negotiator Medical Cost Advocate
Medical Bill Mediation CoPatient
Medical Billing Advocates of America Common Sense Care

Healthcare Price Transparency

There are a number of web sites that allow people to find out what insurers, government programs, or others are paying for health care, and other sites that allow doctors to post their prices for all to see. The sites below can be a good starting point for finding out what typical prices are for many health care treatments.

Pricing Healthcare Healthcare Blue Book
Clear Health Costs Prescription Blue Book
Fair Health OkCopay

Free/Charity Care Options

Sometimes the ‘self-pay’ part of being a self-pay patient just isn’t an option. There are a variety of organizations and sites that can help you in these times, including free clinics, healthcare crowdsourcing, and free and reduced-cost medicines.
NeedyMeds site sponsor HealFundr
National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics Christian Health Community Fellowship
St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Shriners Hospitals for Children
GiveForward GoFundMe


Medical Billing Advocates of America

Common Sense Care


22 Responses to Self-Pay Healthcare Market

  1. Devi B. says:

    Thank you for publishing this comprehensive list of alternatives to Obamacare. People need to know that there are options. We offer affordable plans to people who can not afford Obamacare.

  2. Dolley says:

    Thank you – buying your book this instant. Insurance qyadrupled in Jan. – By the time we paid premiums and deductibles we would be out 30,000 before we saw the first dime of coverage – and we are crazy healthy very light users of healthcare. So we opted out – so glad to have your site. Buying your book right now !

  3. Dolley says:

    You may have already covered this but buying a dental discount card for about 125.00 bucks gives you almost the same or better coverage than expensive dental insurance. My dentist wasnt enrolled but after I told him about it he enrolled and later gave me a discount to thank me for all the business it brought him. Some of them also offer prescription discounts…a great deal.

  4. Beth Katz says:

    I would love to join a Health Care Sharing Organization, however I am not a Christian – are there any out there that will take someone not Christian?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Minnie says:

    Thanks for this list. People here in Westchester, NY think I’m odd for not using conventional insurance but the self pay movement is growing. Obamacare is going to tank the economy. FDA approvals of new drugs have already slowed down after its implementation.

    This is great information. I bet that in a few years, people will start fleeing Obamacare like rats on a sinking ship.

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  7. N192K001 says:

    While the new option of The Health Co-op was included, it seems that one of the previously-mentioned healthcare sharing ministries was forgotten in the listing process.

    Christ Medicus Foundation CURO

  8. Peter says:

    I would like to buy 247DocRx bundle pack. How to make the payment.

  9. bob mounger says:

    Another one targeting Catholics:

  10. Sabrina says:

    OMG! This is what I have been needing. So glad I found this site. I haven’t thoroughly reviewed a lot of the information yet, but from what I can see right now, I think there may be some much-needed assistance for me with the issues I have been facing. Now I can actually make some headway in locating a physician. I haven’t heard of some the really cool assistance you have put together. I am feeling so much happier. I have been so stressed trying to get a physician — especially when I can’t afford health insurance right now. Thanks again.

  11. Joseph Krainin, M.D. says:

    If you’re looking for affordable self pay sleep apnea diagnosis and management, we offer a lot of value:

  12. Naima Oulebsir says:

    Dear all,
    I am looking for a self pay endocrinologist in Washington, DC, VA or MD.
    Many thanks for sending me the list.
    Best regards,

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  14. anuj says:

    Hi all, I am looking for a self pay cancerologist in Kirkland. Please share the list. Thanks a lot.

  15. Jane says:

    Hi everybody! I am looking for a self pay family doctor or generalist in Austin, or Kyle or San Marcos Texas. I cannot afford health insurance now, but I need an attentive and caring doctor.
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  16. Tom Sullivan says:

    very interested in more self pay info. thx.

  17. Patricia Mason says:

    Would like to have list of no insurance Dr in our area Porterville Ca 93257

  18. B says:

    Need a self pay Endocrinologist in MT, MD, or DE.

  19. Wills says:

    Hello all,

    If you are self-pay client and need help looking for low-cost surgical services reach out to LCSurg Consulting Group, LLC. email at

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